Waiting to alight any aircraft is a boring rigmarole of the utmost process, checking and rechecking in a random way that gives little confidence – though of course, we do feel reassured momentarily: and so we obey righteously to escape embarrassment as we shuffle past the x rays and we avert the eyes from the suited officials so as to avoid any question of being pulled aside. 

Most recently at Nairobi one has to virtually undress but there was no worry to have to place the unfinished toothpaste or my yellow ochre tube oozing in see-through bags and not a thought about my stout shoes. Then do this no less than three times in consecutive rooms in the space of eight minutes- it was tedious for sure. Whilst earlier in the foyer a manual spot checked failed to pick up squirrelled mangos and a scalpel  – and all arrived back in England unchallenged.

Not a bit of this at Vipingo Ridge – that most free of places where ones name on the manifest is good enough for the brightly clad lady in charge to let you into the canvassed seats of the lounge. No canned music, tannoys or annoying yellow signs indicating spillage. Of a colonial feeling the thatched lounge where all classes assemble with drinks on offer and a quiet breeze through the open sides has not an iota of security, frisking of the odouring armpits or searching of our satchels. And we feel better for it – How nice some things can remain as they should be – trusting and civilized.

go there and be surprised at it charm Vipingo Ridge for golf, for tennis, for houses to stay in or buy or rent and drinks and of course the superb hassle free transport.