Every day that the sun rises so magnificently over the sea is a sight to behold from the end of the Cobb wall and no boat needed.

On the other hand boats were the only thing needed by the locals unabashed by the madding crowds to be a part of the sail-by to celebrate the 100 years of the sailing club. An ancient time-held tradition from the Greeks we had everyone from the harbourmaster and the RNLI to the six man gigs with every type of sail lining up and quietly past the decorated committee boat PJ for the dipping of the ensign.
Such was the mustering time I caught a quick glance of the fleet and committed it to paper using sea water and limited tools aboard on some wonderful papyrus from Fabriano able to take weather salt and creases in the dry bag. 

The gigs with huge power was not far behind me – helm and sheets and brushes and being chased by my wife in a gig was amusing and only possible for me to multi task as the wind was of no consequence. 

In a year when more delicious local ice cream and more fish fresh from the bay have been consumed in the tight Cobb passageways it wonderful that local activity prevails and makes Lyme a place for all rather than just the picture postcard. With vibrant local traders, some of the best local foods, coastal walks and the warm sea the place is much more than a mere fossil .

And when all is  done at the dusk of the day it comes to last orders taken away by the hungry visitors with the locals tucked up and ready for a new day.

Lyme has made a comeback as it’s obvious it isn’t only a wash brush painting of a place but has a strong working relationship to the sea and the bay which should be set fair for the next one hundred years as it’s done pretty well since 1284 when King Edward gave it royal charter. How senior is that? 

Baboo Gelato a must.