I suppose ever since Napoleonic times the British have had a hankering to get away to Corfu and it does remain a place with a very good feeling in the autumn sun as home dives into rain and cloud. We stayed a couple of nights at the Belle Venezia though I was told the Hotel Cavalieri was supposed to be better and with a with a roof terrace atop. So I visited the platform for an expensive beer whilst doing a sketch but and realise our little place was preferable  

The ok view of the mainland over the town from the Cavalieri

Hotel Belle Venezia

Part of the Reading Society (left)

The morning light over the Ionian approaches was wonderful and I caught the Corfu Reading Society building central to the honeyed buildings of the old town  –  and remastered it back home into an oil painting – main picture.

This building with a lovely external staircase is where a very quirky British thing happens annually – the Corfu Literary Festival – mid September and is in cahoots with what else but the cricket club. Anyway all quite British in a subdued way: and as we sought out the eastern seaboard to the north of the town resonances of (who else) but the Durrells abound.

The White House where the Durrells lived