zenara off coast of africa october 13 docHeaded south under sail in the seas off the African coast just at the point northern Europe was suffering extreme weather last week seemed a sensible way to take a break whilst enjoying some warmness making to the islands of winter sun – the Canaries. But not a bit of it – strong blows of 30 knots and more and tall seas of 5 metres took hold of our not so little vessel as we slid down the fronts the long swell at record speeds with a degree control interjected by some adrenaline moments at all times of day and night from dolphins to marlin and full rainbows to spotlights from patrol boats.  Zenara did well slipping through strong seas and will be well adjusted for the trip to St. Lucia by Christmas where she can be sailed in more moderate conditions and show well in the up and coming races in the Caribbean. Always looking for intrepid crew on a boat that is both classic and comfortable you might like to look at for a different way to spend your downtime next year and onwards. More images of the trip : press Home above and then Latest Travel paintings


Almerima Marina at midnight the night before we departed

Almerimar Marina at Midnight docSomeone is always busy on deckZenara - someone is always working docand then the helm needed strong armsPurpose at the helm Zenara Oct 13 doc

strom clouds

and the thunderstorms gathered over Spain

and the rainbow was complete as we headed out of the rainrainbow in the straights of gibralta

and the fare came up from the galleyzenara plat du jour

and the sun set with grace and coloursunset off the north coast of africa