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The sea off the Devon and Dorset coastline is often glimpsed with a church tower peaking out of the rich field patterns and I am capturing these for my next exhibition this autumn. Simple views of clear horizons across Lyme Bay in this wonderful summer weather contrasts with the varying bright oblongs of grassland that have been mown at different times. And the peacefulness of the places of prayer and worship solidly stand like soldiers to attention amongst all this colour. Do come to my joint exhibition with much more interesting items than mine from Meriel Ensom, Sally Derrick, Robbie Innes, potters Bjork Harolddottir and Miranda Berrow and a few others. At least have a drink on FRIDAY 3rd October 2014 at 6pm at Thrae, Compton Vallance near Dorchester DT2 9ER or visit on the 4th and 5th over the weekend. Email me through the contact page and I will send out the details.