pen y small

Eight men bold into the June mist we scurried up Pen y Fan with wetness in the air, our necks and boots but being summer and Wales all soon cleared as we strode with views along to Corn Du and Fan y Big with their precipitous edges and grassy southern slopes: eventually back to the tea and guinness in the village below. At Llanthony Priory the next day we took to the ridge between our England and the Welsh cousins revealing a fantastic patchwork of grassland field patterns and little copses in the lowlands below: most accentuated in the view north off Hay Bluff. Too late in the season  for things literary we ate our pieces in a gully out of the blow and completed the five hour tour to find the much hailed refreshment shoppe in the grounds of the Priory rather shut. Drat and if you need a very convivial place to stay with organic credentials and smiling staff try


someone had to find the route thanks to Huw

someone had to keep smiling and tell the stories thanks to J

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