Fazende bright

The Lot valley was a little cooler than parts of our recent English summer and this gave for plenty of activity at Fazende one of my favourite spots, and that of many of our friends, and so the washing needed encapsulating as it became a feature as each bed was reoccupied by the tumble of guests.

My family came together for a joint paint for to provide an amalgamated view of the house with a bicycle to mark the many rides we managed to get the bakery every morning joint pic

and I sat within the local herd munching and moving about the walnut treescows lesquirel will pic and a charcoal rendition by my son William of the house on piece of old board from the barn and sticks from the fire we had to cook the fatted lamb all marinated in herbs and garlic (thank you Ed)  for some 25 guests who arrived one night.

And a sober and fine drawing of some 30 minutes in the execution of the square in Cazals by a great quietly accomplished friend who has declared, rightly, to do a sketch a day as respite for a busy scheduleAB picture

cazals docand I sketched up a different part of the square

So the summer trip became complete as so many contributed to creativity and amusement to benefit of all – with all its richness of food and quiet uncomplicated countryside in these parts and in which we picnickedpicnic

and canoed and bicycled and went hunter-gathering with moderate success and then we played endless tennis.

I am never failed by the country that judging by the ferry terminal and the language in the markets forever remains a popular place for the Brits to be in the summer.