Strong shadows in rural france

The milky but nevertheless strong light of the low winter sun as late a five in the December evening presented shadows that cannot ever be there in the summer when I am usually sitting out on some  affleurement of the hills above the River Lot  and it was delicious to be there warm silent and actually surprisingly colourful.Lherm valley - Copy

We had not long before been in the valley around the church at Praysaac where the pre-Christmas market was offering local cheese and soiled and knobbly vegetables with taste oozing out of them to compliment the crated capons awaiting their fate. praysaac market christmas eve

and the weather allowed walking in ideal conditions amongst the walnut groves  walnuts

chapels, drove roads and random scraggy pockets of sheep warming their clean bottoms in the sun to the tunes of woodpecker drumming aloft. 20160111093955_00001